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Welcome to N6SIX's D-Star Video Central.  Here we will post all videos pertaining to D-Star, making it a great reference point for those who are interested in learning more about D-Star OR those who want to share what they have learned through the use of video.  This site is under constant construction, so check back often as new videos will be posted as I find them.

Cecil, WD6FZA, introduces D-Star to the Palomar Amateur Radio Club on Nov. 7, 2007. This is his introduction leading up to the power point presentation. 

In this clip, Cecil (WD6FZA) demonstrates the difference between a station coming in his analog repeater on Mt. Palomar and that same station coming in his D-Star repeater, also on Mt. Palomar. The station assisting is KM6AW, Craig Davis, and he is located approx. 45 miles away from the repeater site. Craig also demonstrates the ability to send text messages while simultaneously transmitting a voice message.

Joe (N6SIX) explains the D-PRS gateway set up by Craig (KM6AW) to the Palomar Amateur Radio Club on November 7, 2007. 
Joe (N6SIX) and Cecil (WD6FZA) give a brief introduction and invitation to the D-Star San Diego Group's Tuesday Night Tech Net. This net is held at 8pm (PST) on Tuesdays on the PAPA SYSTEM'S D-15 Mt. Woodson Repeater. Repeater call sign is KI6KQU^B and the output frequency is 447.840 (-5MHz offset).